What To Do With a Tiny Dick

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He’s Back!

One of my favorite callers, Jeff, called tonight.  I am always pleased to hear from him because I know we will have a great time.  First, I start by greeting him with a joyful, “Nubbin!!!!”.

That is my pet name for him.  You see, Jeff has what we in the business call a stunted stiffy.  His member is undersized.  I’m saying it’s quite small.  Much like a button mushroom.  I know Jeff is laughing reading this.

What To Do

Like I tell my other SPH callers, your options are limited when you have a tiny dick.  Outside of finding a midget pussy to fuck, you need to rely on yourself for sexual gratification.  Oh dear…sensual humiliation already!

In Jeff’s case, he needs to start rubbin’ nubbin.  ~LAUGH~  Oh yes, that gets me going every time.  I was laughing on our call earlier tonight, after it occurred to me.  Jeff, obligingly began to rub his little nubbin.  I heard his breathing get more harsh.  His voice came out in gasps.   Oooh…big fun for such a little dick.

Another Thought

Put a soft glove around your little dicklet, wrap your hand around that and stroke for a different sensation.  You can also put a LOT of lotion in your hand and stroke very slowly and firmly.  So wet and nice!

Your little dick will also enjoy a Fleshlight.  Make sure you get one of the very tight heads such as the anal head or the small mouth head.  They will be small enough to grip your cock and give you the sensation of sex.  Gotta’ love that.  Yes…I think a little small penis humiliation is in order.

Spill It

How do you enjoy pleasuring your tiny dick?  You know that small penises aren’t cocks.   I’m sure others will be eager to try something new.

Listen to me read this posting to you in my sexy voice!  Click the far left end of the bar below:

20 comments to What To Do With a Tiny Dick

  • Jeff

    Nubbin rubbin’ is the best! Thanks Athena, your instruction and humiliation is great. Last night was a great load. I’m getting hard just writing this. Can’t wait to talk again…

    • Athena

      Nubbin! How fabulous to hear from you here. I always enjoy teasing your little nubbin and directing you to tease and touch him. Those sessions are a blast! How is little, and I do mean little, nubbin doing?

  • Petey cream puff

    For me the only way I can get hard is if I wear panties/bra/lipstick/pumps and get off. Or if you do what the other mistresses have done and that’s taking me shopping and dressing me as a girl then putting makeup/lipstick on me. Otherwise I’m 5′

    • Athena

      Hey Petey. Five inches is actually on the low side of average. But if it doesn’t get hard, it drops way down into the teenie peenie range in a hurry. I have read some of your comments on various blogs. Your Mistresses are leading you down the feminization path in a big way. Loving it!

      • Petey cream puff

        Yes they are leading me down path of feminization. All of them are to hot and sexy to say no to:( I’m to weak/submissive and feminine to say no to. It’s what I always wanted to happen where a hot sexy mistress dresses me up as her cream puff sissy.

  • Ms. Athena: I absolutely enjoy it, too, everything about SPH and I enjoy the power trip of being the ultimate judge of a man’s adequacy. Belittering a small penis, and asking him when he plans to “get a real one” and going into harsh detail about its failure to meet my expectations is the perfect type of humiliation that’s needed.

    • Athena

      Hello Mistress Cindy. If the bearer of the tiny dick enjoys harsh humiliation, I am right here to dish it out. In my experience, many guys sprouting miniscule cocklets enjoy teasing, light humiliation. Some have even requested to hear why I think small dicks are cute. Shaking things up a bit. Always fun!

  • Mistress Amber

    You are quite correct that small penises aren’t cocks, Miss Athena! How often our pindicked callers so often make the mistake of acting like they are the same as well-endowed men! The denial is strong, but those little stubby nubbin’ rubbers need to accept the truth! And if they can’t bring themselves to say it, we will! I never get tired of giving reality checks! (By the way….that’s one hot audio!)

    • Athena

      We LDW Mistresses have a mission to make it clear to the world…Tiny Dicks are NOT cocks. Tell it like it is, sister. I bet you give wonderful reality checks, Mistress Amber. ~GRIN~ Have you had any pin dicks being shared during this month of Pass the Penis special?

  • Petey cream puff

    I’ve given in Ms Athena:( I’ll let the mistresses keep me this way. Also Ms Delia said I need to be in chastity as well:( she mentioned that my stroking has gone out of control. She’s right:( I told most mistresses except for my headmistress Cindy. It’s to much with all the mistresses keeping me like this. It’s what I always wanted and needed. Ms Cindy has me on hormones and my body is so petite,soft,smooth and hairless alkng with D cup breasts,white tip nails, along with my cheeks girlish and my hair growing out and added extensions Ms Cindy had me get. Now Ms Brighton/Ms Kaylee/Ms Olivia and Ms Mandy want to use strap on with me dressed as a girl. :0
    🙁 I’ve become ldw’s resident cream puff sissy.:( :0

    • Athena

      Being very much into chastity, I agree with Ms Delia. It is time your cream puff clitty was locked up. I’m thinking a nice shiny pink cage for you. With a pretty, sparkling silver lock. Yes!

  • Mike

    In a way, as a guy, you know less about penises than women might. You don’t probably see many erect penises unless it is in porn. Women do. I think women know more about size in a way. As a guy you think well maybe hard we are all the same or close…..You also do not hear how girls talk to other guys about their penises – only how they talk to you. I wonder do girls use the word “cock” for big guys? It sounds bigger.
    Is it a common word that girls use. I have NEVER had a girl use that word with me. I also had a girlfriend once say “Bring that little guy here”……I don’t actually think she meant anything too much by it but to me it was like – wow, she thinks it is a “little guy”. It makes you think she has seen others much bigger.

    • Athena

      Hey Mike. Sounds like you are very curious about women’s minds and girl talk when it comes to the topic of smaller penises. You’re right, “cock” sounds like we are discussing a large penis, so we’ll leave that out of this conversation. I’m sure your girlfriend meant “little guy” lovingly. SMIRK

  • mike

    When girls talk about this subject it makes you want to disappear. On some level it is very frightening. I think you are scared that somehow your secret might be found out. Girls have sort of a luxury of being able to talk casually about this topic. For me it is a jumble of emotions – it is like a conversation you want to hear but also are scared about.

  • mike

    Confusion. Excitement. Humiliation. Fear. Deep vulnerability. I want to hear what excites girls but am afraid of it at the same time. I can (still) remember the first time I heard girls use the term “well hung”. “He is well hung”. I was like oh my gosh – they do think about it. Not long after I heard girls use the term “well endowed”. It hit me again. I was like – wow if they think some guys are “well endowed” they must think some guys are not well endowed. It seemed girls often spoke of big manly guys with a certain respect, admiration, attraction.

    • Athena

      Hey Mike. Of course females think about dick size. They talk about it too. A lot! I hear terms like “pencil dick”, “man-gina” tossed about, between fits of laughter of course. It sounds like you know exactly what to do with a tiny dick. ~GRIN~

  • little c

    I can’t speak for Mike about his jumble of emotions, but guys with very small penises share an unusually large number of life experiences. The main emotions are fear and shame, but over time, I’ve been able to harness all that old negative energy and channel it into sexual excitement. The more inadequate and insufficient you tell me my 1/2-inch soft penis or 2-inch erection is, the more exciting I find it.

    • Athena

      Isn’t it amazing how that happens, little c? Something is crushingly humiliating and then at some point it becomes a huge turn-on. I love it! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on what to do with a tiny dick.

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