Calling the Hump Professor


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Grab Your Pillow

Goddess Athena has something fun in store for you.  All it requires is you and a pillow.  The type of pillow is not important.  What is important is that the pillow is portable.  Because I will have you using it in a variety of . . . → Read More: Calling the Hump Professor

Helping the Medicine Go Down


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Such a Simple Remedy

Perhaps you are a stroker, who also enjoys an occasional taste of cum.  Truth be told, I can turn you into a downright cum craving stroker boy!  I’m happy to mix these two fetishes because both of them are amongst my favorites.  When guided . . . → Read More: Helping the Medicine Go Down

Busting Through the Stroking Barrier


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It Had to Happen

Tonight I was talking with a new caller.  His name is David and he is a young, REALLY good stroker boy!  At the beginning of our call I asked him if he is good at edging and he said yes.  The reality is that . . . → Read More: Busting Through the Stroking Barrier

Giving New Life to Stroking


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Are You an Expert?

No doubt you are an expert at getting yourself off quickly and efficiently.  But there is much more to masturbation than just getting it done.  At this moment, you may be thinking that you are fine just as you are.  After all, you have . . . → Read More: Giving New Life to Stroking

Mixing CBT With the Dice Game



A little pain…a lot of pleasure!

More Intensity

You know me…always striving to take things to a new level of intensity.  Lately I have had some CBT fans calling me and asking me what kind of masturbation instruction games I had for them.  I did some thinking and forged ahead…adding . . . → Read More: Mixing CBT With the Dice Game

Tightening My Control of Your Cock


Have Leash…Not Afraid to Use it!

Making it More Intense

So many of my masturbation game fans have done incredibly well on my dice game.  Some of you have busted through the existing champ’s rounds like it was nothing!  So for you over-achievers, it is clearly time to take things up . . . → Read More: Tightening My Control of Your Cock