Strong Female Roleplay

strong female role playStrong and Proud

At about 5’11”, with my muscular, athletic build, it is only natural that I would enjoy playing strong female parts in your role plays.  The specifics can range widely, really based entirely on your strong female fantasies.

Should you be into taller, stronger women who can physically pin you down, or restrain you bodily, I can definitely get into that.  I will make it so vivid that you feel my superior weight bearing down on you, holding you in place as you struggle futilely.  I find that great fun!

And it can lead to a mind blowing round of Goddess worship.

Super Hero

Being tall and powerful lends wonderfully to me playing your favorite female super hero.  Imagine me dressed like her, moving like she does, talking like her.

You can send me a script, an outline to follow, or set up something quickly at the beginning of your session.  I will get into it completely and we will have a blast bringing your super hero fantasy to life.  I find this type of role play to be very satisfying for you if you are into muscle worship.

Giantess Fun

One of my favorite fetishes is Giantess.  I really like being your Giantess.  I can be 10 feet tall, 50 feet tall, 100 feet tall, or as tall as a mountain.  I have done it all and had an amazing time with it.

You can be as small as you like.  Midget size, Ken doll size, ant size, or nearly invisible.  I can shrink you down, use my powers to shrink you, and even eat you and swallow you down, if that is your desire.

I can also grow you.   You start at a tiny size and I grow up taller in stages.  Toying with you at each stage, so you get the full affect of being at each height.  It’s all great fun for me.

Let’s have strong female fun together.  Call me now!

Call Goddess Athena 800-601-6975

16 comments to Strong Female Roleplay

  • tyler

    what do u do with a strong man thats 6’4…. wear heels? 😛

    • Athena

      My highest heels are six inches. I would be your exact height. Did I mention that I am a superbly physically fit woman? Don’t make the mistake of thinking that your height gives you all of the advantage.

  • Ms. Athena, I love that you are a tall strong dominant Mistress – I am also tall and it’s so very fun to make those little men trenble in fear…whether their shrunken down or not! Lol. You truly are a super heroine and any man would be lucky to be under your thumb!

    xoxo Mistress Audrey

    • Athena

      I really like other tall women, Ms Audrey. We have our own private club. It makes sense that women of our stature become Mistresses. It really is a natural profession for us.

  • peterteasetoy

    Now this post has given me all sorts of ideas Goddess Athena!

    And they have been getting my denied cock excited! *adjusts erection*

    • Athena

      You need no help with ideas, teasetoy. None. Your naughty little mind is aswirl with them!

      • peterteasetoy

        *squirm* I can’t help it Goddess Athena, I’m always SO horny! But, your blog has got me thinking of various things I could do with you.

        Or more precisely, what you could do with me! *adjusts erection*

        • Athena

          Hey teasetoy! I have to admit that as I wrote that post on strong female roleplay, some of your fantasies came to my mind. Right now I am thinking of donning a black leather schoolgirl outfit and holding you down with my naked ass.

          • peterteasetoy

            *squirm* Oh, er, *adjusts erection* you are Goddess Athena? And am I a classmate, a teacher, or someone else, that your leather-clad schoolgirl self is sitting on?

          • Athena

            You are a teacher I am using as a human footstool. Because I can!

  • Petey cream puff

    Hello mistress- long time no chat! Hot post!! I’d love to have you overpower me into wearing your bra/panty set as well as your body con sheath dresses. You can take me down and put rouge on my cheeks as well pin me down and apply lipstick on my lips to. YES I want you to do this to me and keep me as your cream puff girl

    • Athena

      Know that I can do just that, Petey. I have the strength to wrestle you into submission, and PUT you into whatever I want on your body.

  • Petey cream puff

    I’m fine with you doing that to me. Once you pin me to ground and put me in bra/panty as well applying lipstick. I can’t escape as you are way to strong.

    • Athena

      So true, Petey. I am tall, muscular, strong and Dominant. While you come across as puny, weak, and femmy. It’s all over for you. Strong female roleplay would put you in your place so fast!

  • ttyler

    well my cock is also big and thick, i just cant keep it hard long before i am u know…finished…

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