Spoiling Your Goddess


Spoiling Your Goddess

I appreciate all types of spoiling.   Understand that when you spoil your goddess in these ways, you put yourself in my field of attention.  My focus goes directly onto you.  This is almost a very good thing.  There are lots of men vying for my attention.  Now you know how to move to the top of that list.

  • You leaving great comments on my postings
  • You rating our session at www.RateMyCall.com
  • Virtual bouquets (known as tips)
  • Buying me gifts from my Wish List

About Clothing

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Call Goddess Athena for Superb Sensual Domination 800-601-6975

You should know that this Goddess prefers to buy her own clothing.  Sometimes I have gift cards for clothing on my Wish List.  That allows me the superb pleasure of shopping and trying things on…something I adore.  My favorite colors are red, black, silver, and white.

What is On My List?

There are a wide variety of items on my Wish List.  Everything from beauty items, to household items, and gift cards.  Just looking at it will give you more insight into my personality and what I am like as a person.  You have all of the info you need to do an amazing job of spoiling your Goddess.

Goddess Athena