Cum Eating Made Easy


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That Barrier is Tough

You want to eat your cum, but your orgasm removes the urge to eat cum.  That is a common issue.  It may be that you enjoy the lead up, more than you actually want to eat . . . → Read More: Cum Eating Made Easy

Shot in the Ass With Cupid’s Bow – Anal Play


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The Joys of Anal Play

This posting has little to do with Cupid, other than it is being written during the lover’s month of February.  It is really about why you need to get involved in anal play.  If you already do it, great.  Keep doing it!  If not, . . . → Read More: Shot in the Ass With Cupid’s Bow – Anal Play

Sweet Victory – A Cum Eating Race


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On Your Mark

First, you grab your lube, strip to the waist, and find a comfortable place to sit.  You are going to be stroking for a while.  This is not some quick grab and squirt.  Not even close.  I am issuing you a challenge that will test your . . . → Read More: Sweet Victory – A Cum Eating Race

Edging for a Huge Orgasm


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You Have to Work for It

Yeah, you want a huge orgasm.  Who in their right mind wouldn’t?  The problem is that left to your own devices, you are likely to never reach the pinnacle of pleasure that I know you can . . . → Read More: Edging for a Huge Orgasm

A Year of Breast Worship


Goddess Athena has glorious breasts to share with you


How much fun are breasts?

There is a reason that someone coined the phrase “fun bags” years ago.  You know how much pleasure can be experienced by having a beautiful pair of tits available. Remember the first time you copped a . . . → Read More: A Year of Breast Worship

Licking Leg Worship


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Let Me Clarify

I am not interested in helping you to overcome your penchant for worshiping long, beautiful legs.  When I say “licking”, I mean you literally sticking out your eager, pink tongue and licking your way up my very long legs.

Starting at . . . → Read More: Licking Leg Worship

Having a Fivesome


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Your Dirty Mind

I know where your dirty mind went when you read that heading.  You are thinking orgy, aren’t you?  A writhing mass of hot bodies, touching, kissing, and alot more.  Now I am thinking about that too!  But that is not what I am writing . . . → Read More: Having a Fivesome

Coerced into the New Year


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Something Different

You stroke on a regular basis.  Probably often.  ~SMILE~  I count on you doing that.  This being New Year’s Eve, why not ring in the New Year by enjoying an intimate celebration with me!

This is your personal invitation to call in, or set up a . . . → Read More: Coerced into the New Year

Calling the Hump Professor


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Grab Your Pillow

Goddess Athena has something fun in store for you.  All it requires is you and a pillow.  The type of pillow is not important.  What is important is that the pillow is portable.  Because I will have you using it in a variety of . . . → Read More: Calling the Hump Professor

Taking Me With You


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It’s Possible

I bet you have fantasized about waking up next to me, hearing my sweet voice purring into your ear, or just having me with you through your day.  All of that is possible thanks to the magic of audios!

You can have my voice be the . . . → Read More: Taking Me With You