Licking Leg Worship

Goddess Athena   She's got legs!  800-601-6975

Goddess Athena She’s got legs! 800-601-6975


Let Me Clarify

I am not interested in helping you to overcome your penchant for worshiping long, beautiful legs.  When I say “licking”, I mean you literally sticking out your eager, pink tongue and licking your way up my very long legs.

Starting at my slender ankles and working your way up my toned calves, behind my knees and over the curve of my kneecaps, and licking your way right up my inner thighs to Paradise.  ~SMILE~  It is a L-O-N-G journey, but one which I am confident you will be eager to begin.

Giving You Some Motivation

It is an incredible privilege I am giving you here.   You have seen my legs.  And seen my body attached to those legs.  You have thoughts bouncing around in that head of yours.  Such thoughts of lust and homage.  Both very relevant, given the opportunity you have before you.

Correct.  It is not precisely before you at this point.  But you are mulling that over.  Imagining seeing my tanned, curvy body standing high above you.  Perchance in your fantasies I am wearing a skimpy set of lacy lingerie and pointed stiletto heel pumps.  But totally nude is good too.  See that vision in your mind.

Work on Your Stamina

Legs like mine deserve a leisurely paced, full out leg worship session.  Do not call me for some quickie and expect to visit even half of the exquisite flesh my legs have to offer.  It is just not feasible.  As I mentioned earlier, my legs are very long and it will take you some time to cover every inch.   Make sure you are rested and hydrated when you call.  This will be a workout.

First with your hands.  Touching, reaching, rubbing.  Then, if you did a good job with that, you will be kissing the soft skin of my lower limbs.  Pass that portion and you graduate to licking.  Full on, long, total tongue licks up my toned legs.  Hearing me coax you on, moan softly, whisper encouragement.  This masturbatrix enjoys using her gorgeous feet to rub your cock as you build up to your explosive finish.

Reaching Bliss

Right about the time your cock has reached its full capacity for stiffness, you see a line of my most intimate juices dripping down my inner thigh.  I already know the effect this will have on you.

Sensual Leg worship is hot!  Want to savor a mutual orgasmic explosion with me?  It could happen.

Have you ever worshiped a Dominant woman’s legs?  Tell me about your experience.  I am SUCH a voyeur!

Goddess Athena 800-601-6975

Goddess Athena 800-601-6975

2 comments to Licking Leg Worship

  • Cum_Filled_Balls

    Dear Mistress Athena,

    With interest, I read your post, since I am very much into foot and leg worship. I am always looking at women’s legs, wherever I go. Being a sexually submissive male, I delight in my fetishes for beautiful legs and beautiful feet. 🙂 That you have, beyond any doubt!

    I work with several in-person mistresses, and I have called quite a few LDW mistresses. I serve my mistresses by practicing chastity from 5 to 10 days, then engaging in tease and denial stroking. This is combined with foot worship, leg worship, breast worship, and pussy worship. It is also important to take time, because my objective is to please my mistresses. These activities must not be rushed! 🙂 You are very right, knowing that this does take an amount of stamina for the tongue muscles. The reward of having the mistress’s feet used to stroke the cock is most intriguingly delightful! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Thankfully I have had quite a few real life experiences with leg worship. I have made several calls to some of the LDW mistresses, where I have had foot and leg worship, face sitting, pussy worship, and CBT.

    By the way, I want to thank you for your reply, in your previous post, “Having a Fivesome”. You are right, I am a fan of CBT (within limits), along with foot worship, leg worship, pussy worship, breast worship, face sitting, and other practices, which is pleasing to my several mistresses. Importantly, I am also into orgasm denial, because I strongly believe that the pleasure of my mistresses, including that I desire them to have intense orgasms, is above that of my needs to have orgasms. I obtain pleasure by giving pleasure and entertainment. 🙂 I wish to serve!

    Last, I also practice Tantra, and having guided masturbation complements much of what I have mentioned above. I am also grateful to the mistresses at LDW that I have spoken with over the phone. They have all taught me something, and I hope to speak with and have a session with you.

    Thank you!

    • Athena

      Welcome back Cum Filled Balls. You leave such wonderful, revealing comments. It is good to learn that you are known by a number of my fellow LDW Mistresses, and that you have real life experience with pro Dommes. From what you write, I would say that we would have a great time together. My long legs, and your experienced body worship. I hope to talk with you soon. ~SMILE~

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