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giantess fun

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How a Beach Giantess Does It

Living at the ocean has many advantages.  I have the ocean right outside my home, there are scads of bikini clad sexy women strolling past, and I have lots of neighbors who can tiny sit for me.  You know that I cannot leave you at home alone.  Who knows what sort of mischief a tiny man such as yourself would get into!

The one time I tried that, you left your little bed, slid down the curtains to the floor, and were chased all over the house by my puppy.  He thought you were a new pet toy and was having a great time.  You, on the other hand, were hiding behind a dresser, quivering and freaked out.  Nope.  Cannot leave you by yourself.

Giantess Fun

When you and I are home alone, I take you with me everywhere I go.  Usually you ride in my ample cleavage, in my hand, or the outside pocket of my handbag.  Close enough to put my hands on, but safe from falls and prying strangers.  That does not mean you are safe from my friends.  They adore you!  I know they secretly want to take you home for themselves.  Of course they do.  Look how adorable you are.

Too bad.  You are my pet.  You amuse me, cuddle with me, and you keep me company.  When my friends come over, they fawn over you, petting you, tickling you, telling you how sweet you are.  And you just eat that up!  Spoiled tiny.

Tiny Fun

Admit it.  You love it when you hold you in my hand and stroke your body with my enormous finger.  You feel the comforting warmth of my hand.  I know how you enjoy me chasing you now and then.  Easy to do!  Every step I take, is equal to about 50 of yours.  So with one step, I can stay ahead of you for a while.  Watching you run, looking over your shoulder with nervousness and glee.

One bound and I am ahead of you again.  Often you don’t notice and you run…smack!…into my foot.  Much like running into a cushioned wall.  Silly tiny.  You really must watch where you are going.  I let you go, then chase you down again and pin you gently to the floor with my toes.  Takes no effort at all.  You are smaller than the nail on my pinky toe.

They’re All Jealous

All of my friends want a tiny man of their own.  I tell them, good luck with that.  They are not easy to find.  So I share you with them.  It makes them so happy to play with you.  Remember when we played catch with you?  Tossing you from Giantess to Giantess, laughing and shouting with joy?  Ah…good times.

Now be a good tiny tonight.  My friend Amanda is coming over to tiny sit.  I have a date and we’re going dancing.  Taking you would put your life in danger.  Can’t have that.  So behave for Amanda, and I’ll give you a special treat tomorrow!

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