Creative Mistress

To hear me read this to you in my sexy voice, click here!

My Other Life

I wanted to title this, My Secret Life, but that is not quite accurate.  To you, who know me as Goddess Athena, my other career is a secret.  But to those who know me in my other career, the phone sex Mistress side of me is a secret.  Take that a step further and we logically reach the conclusion that you are a part of my secret life.

The other side of me is just as creative, but in a different way.  I am an artist.  A painter.

On Display

The aspects of my creative nature on display here are my writing, and my audios.  My artwork is on display in galleries on the west coast and throughout the Southwest.  When someone sees my artwork on the wall, they are seeing a visible expression of my creative nature.

Creativity has always been important to me.  Every job I’ve had involved a high degree of creativity.    When it comes to being an LDW Goddess, that is so true!  I am a creative Mistress in every sense of the word, and that means you get the best phone sex!

The month of August we are celebrating Pass the Penis.  Set up your PTP session and find out what this creative Mistress does for you in her 10 minutes.  ~WINK~

The Inner Workings of My Mind

You get to explore my mind a bit, just reading my posts here.  When you listen to my audios about body worship, domination, and other kinky topics, you hear me talk about my thoughts and approach.

Take things a step further and call me.  Only in session will you truly get to know me.  Ask me anything.  Confess your filthy secrets to me.  Let’s play out your deep desires.  When you and I are in session, nothing else exists in the world except you and me.  All of my attention and creativity are focused on you.  Prepare yourself for sexy roleplay.

Can You Handle It?

There is only one way to find out.  Others have dared and lived to tell the tale.  ~GRIN~  The reality of being in session brings all of your imaginations about me and your fantasies to life.

There is no time like the present to open up your life to the mind of this creative Mistress.

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