Coerced Cum Eating

coerced cum eating

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When You Just Won’t Cooperate

I keep telling you that cum eating is good for you.  That you need to do it to please me.  Still you balk.  How insolent.  Behavior like that will not be tolerated.  You really leave me little choice.  Now you are going to experience coerced cum eating.

Good thing that I am a tall, strong Mistress.  You won’t expect me to put you in a head lock and forcefully put the cum in your mouth.  Not at all.  Such a thing would never enter your mind.  After all, you are such an Alpha male.  Nobody makes you do anything you don’t want to.  Then you met me.

He’s Tied Up Right Now

Once I subdue you, it is a relatively easy matter to tie you up.  I like to hogtie you with your hands tied together behind your back, your feet tied together and then your feet and wrists all tied together behind you.  Yeehaw!  This puts you in such a helpless position.  Unable to defent yourself.  Impossible to stop me from what I will do.

I pinch your nose, and put a spoonful of cum in your mouth.  If you spit it out, I repeat the process.  Fine.  You will eat your cum AND spit.  Rather amusing, really.  You are doing this to yourself.  All you had to do was eat your cum and we would be sharing a laugh right now.  But that’s not the road you chose, is it?

So Awful But so Right

It’s humiliating to be taken down by a woman.  I see it in your face.  You are turning red.  Is that embarrassment, or exertion?  You certainly are fighting your restraints.  Silly man.  You are going to learn that cum eating with a partner is the ultimate pleasure.

You hate me for doing this to you.  Yet, your cock is rock hard and dripping pre-cum again.  Apparently you are hungry for seconds.  Excellent!  After I went to all the trouble to tie you up, and get the first load into your mouth, I am ready for round two!  Too late.   You’ve been caught masturbating against the carpet.  Did you really think I wouldn’t notice?

So you hate it and you love it.  You are furious with me, and so incredibly turned on you can hardly stand it.  Welcome to my world cum craver.  A world where coerced cum eating is an experience you learn to beg for.

Call Goddess Athena 800-601-6975

Goddess Athena 800-601-6975

6 comments to Coerced Cum Eating

  • TeasedM

    It took a long time for My Mistress to train me to eat my cum for Her.
    Prolonged chastity a two Mistress call with licking it up as the only chance for release was all it took and I was licking it without question.

    I hate to admit it but I look forward to my next release date not only so I finally get to cum, but I will be coerced into finishing every last drop. I crave having My Mistress make me eat cum for Her.

    • Athena

      It must have been that mental point that held you back from success. You know what I mean. That place where you cum and then you wonder what the hell you were thinking and just can’t eat it. Fuck that. You will eat every drop.

  • ttyler

    maybe he knows that the next step is eating a bigger load from ur lover….

  • ttyler

    if that was the only way to eat ur pussy, id clean the creampie out of u

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