Shot in the Ass With Cupid’s Bow – Anal Play


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The Joys of Anal Play

This posting has little to do with Cupid, other than it is being written during the lover’s month of February.  It is really about why you need to get involved in anal play.  If you already do it, great.  Keep doing it!  If not, . . . → Read More: Shot in the Ass With Cupid’s Bow – Anal Play

A Year of Breast Worship


Goddess Athena has glorious breasts to share with you


How much fun are breasts?

There is a reason that someone coined the phrase “fun bags” years ago.  You know how much pleasure can be experienced by having a beautiful pair of tits available. Remember the first time you copped a . . . → Read More: A Year of Breast Worship

Licking Leg Worship


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Let Me Clarify

I am not interested in helping you to overcome your penchant for worshiping long, beautiful legs.  When I say “licking”, I mean you literally sticking out your eager, pink tongue and licking your way up my very long legs.

Starting at . . . → Read More: Licking Leg Worship

Goddess Voice Giveaway


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First Time Ever

I am going to do something I have never done before.  Give away a naughty Dice Game Guided Masturbation audio.  How do you win?  It is really quite easy.  ~SMILE~

What is it?

If you have not yet called me for a highly intense game . . . → Read More: Goddess Voice Giveaway

Helping the Medicine Go Down


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Such a Simple Remedy

Perhaps you are a stroker, who also enjoys an occasional taste of cum.  Truth be told, I can turn you into a downright cum craving stroker boy!  I’m happy to mix these two fetishes because both of them are amongst my favorites.  When guided . . . → Read More: Helping the Medicine Go Down

Using My Feet on Your Cock


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A New Twist

Just when I think all possible variations of the dice guided masturbation game have been explored, I get a call and my brain is whirling with a whole new twist on it.  Today a delightful man, “R”, called to play the dice game with me.  . . . → Read More: Using My Feet on Your Cock

Having More Fun With Your Stroking

Fun, new cock stroking game & how to get a huge orgasm . . . → Read More: Having More Fun With Your Stroking

Heads or Tails? Stroke Your Cock


Your Odds are Even.

New Stroking Game

Those of you who have been reading my blog, or calling me for guided masturbation, know that I am seriously into it.  I love mixing it up.  Coming up with new ways to guide you to the most powerful orgasm you have ever experienced.

. . . → Read More: Heads or Tails? Stroke Your Cock

The New Goddess In Town


A peek at Goddess Athena

A Little About Me

I am a California girl.  Raised in a beach community.  I learned to swim early and then to surf.  My hobbies include all sorts of ocean related fun such as boating, fishing and running.  I am also the type of Goddess who . . . → Read More: The New Goddess In Town