Begging for Denial


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Denial In All Forms

You know that denial is something I really get in to.  Denial in all it’s glorious forms.  So when you call me and come right out and beg me to deny you, that is the ultimate for me.

That tells me that you are . . . → Read More: Begging for Denial

Giantess Fun


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How a Beach Giantess Does It

Living at the ocean has many advantages.  I have the ocean right outside my home, there are scads of bikini clad sexy women strolling past, and I have lots of neighbors who can tiny sit for me.  You know that I cannot . . . → Read More: Giantess Fun

What To Do With a Tiny Dick


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He’s Back!

One of my favorite callers, Jeff, called tonight.  I am always pleased to hear from him because I know we will have a great time.  First, I start by greeting him with a joyful, “Nubbin!!!!”.

That . . . → Read More: What To Do With a Tiny Dick

Playing With a Strong Mistress


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Someone to Look Up To

I mean that literally and figuratively.  You need a Mistress who has qualities you admire and respect.  I am intelligent, worldly, experienced, multi-talented, and physically strong.  These are some basics that will allow you to . . . → Read More: Playing With a Strong Mistress

Shot in the Ass With Cupid’s Bow – Anal Play


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The Joys of Anal Play

This posting has little to do with Cupid, other than it is being written during the lover’s month of February.  It is really about why you need to get involved in anal play.  If you already do it, great.  Keep doing it!  If not, . . . → Read More: Shot in the Ass With Cupid’s Bow – Anal Play