Body Worship Ramped Up

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More is Better

You love having a naked woman on your bed, or on your floor.  Let’s face it, you love having a naked woman.  Something even better than that is having a tall, curvy woman.  Now imagine that this woman is inviting you to worship her body.  Her entire body.

Did your cock just stir a bit?  Good!  Because that is exactly what I am offering to you now.  We can enjoy a body worship session that takes it to a whole new level, just by having so much fabulous flesh to worship!

All the Usual Parts

Of course you will be showering my breasts, ass, and pussy with attention from your hands, lips, and tongue.  I understand that those are the bits you are most anxious to explore.  Unless you have an interesting desire such as foot worship, or leg worship.  Definitely worship my feet.

I am already imagining your strong hands moving over my large breasts, bringing my sensitive nipples to full pert.  I can nearly feel your breath on my ass, your warm wet tongue licking its way between my thighs and your eager mouth sucking gently on my clit.   Oooh!  You will have me so wet at this point.  Just ass worship alone drives me wild!

Parts Between

Those high coveted body parts are hovering in space all by themselves.  They are connected by other body parts that appreciate your full attention.  I have erogenous zones that may surprise you.

I really enjoy having my feet touched, rubbed, licked, and sucked.  Other oh-so sensitive parts of my body are my stomach, my thighs, the backs of my knees, and my neck.  Make sure you plan to visit each of them and linger a bit.  You will be hearing me respond with delight.  I am a verbal woman.

Now You Know

All of this warm, tight flesh waiting for you to explore.  All it takes is a call.  Let’s see how many erogenous zones you can discover as you worship my bodyHear me read this posting to you by clicking the bar below:




13 comments to Body Worship Ramped Up

  • What an absolute hot blog post and stunning picture to go with it, Ms Athena! Body worship is one of the most erotic ways our naughty guys can enjoy their Mistress. And yum, to have the opportunity to explore your whole body?! Oh yes…delish. Hell, even thinking about has me a bit damp now. Nice!

    • Athena

      Hey, Ms Kaylee. Making you damp with my body has got to be catching the attention of some horny guys reading this. ~GRIN~ I am a BIG fan of body worship. Your comment has me thinking about watching one of your fans licking your hot body all over.

  • Body worship is one of the more amazing aspects of Dom/sub play. It revolves around patience, temperance, and a true desire to please the other person. It’s also a lot of fun to see how much longer a sub can go each time. So many special spots to worship.

    • Athena

      How much longer, as in how much of the Mistress’ body the sub can cover in one body worship session? Loads of sensitive spots to explore.

  • peterteasetoy

    My cock stirred more than a bit, Goddess Athena! *adjusts erection*

    I’d love to worship your heavenly body and listen to your moans and sighs to learn just what places and actions excite you the most!

    Oh, and I don’t know if Miss Violet *squirm* has told you, but I do have a thing for thighs! *glances below the hem of your short skirt and licks lips*

    • Athena

      Miss Violet did mention that to me. It was a long time ago. It seems the sort of thing you would have a serious fondness for. A penchant for peeking, eh? ~Pulling up the front of my skirt, exposing a length of toned, tan thigh for your peeking pleasure~

      • peterteasetoy

        Erm, er, *squirm* yes Goddess Athena, getting a peek at that sort of view does get me hot and bothered! *adjusts erection*

        • Athena

          But does it make you squirm? I keep reading your comments on EE and on blogs about squirming. It seems a natural state for you.

          • peterteasetoy

            Squirming isn’t really a natural state for me Goddess Athena!

            However, when a sexy cocktease starts using her wiles against me, it does greatly increase the squirminess of the situation!

          • Athena

            Is that right? Well, teasetoy, you can count on me to use all of my wiles. And should there come a time when you think you have seen them all, I will devise new ones. And don’t even try to tell me that squirming isn’t a natural state for you. ~LAUGHING~

          • peterteasetoy

            *squirm* Well if a hot cocktease such as yourself is going to be constantly using her wiles against me Goddess Athena, then I can’t help but stay squirmy!

            And hard, …. and horny, ….. and lustful! *adjusts erection*

          • Athena

            In all the years I have known you, you have ALWAYS been like that. That very state you just described. Horny as hell. You reign supreme in that, teasetoy.

          • peterteasetoy

            *squirm* Thank you Goddess Athena, but that sort of proves my point. All the years you’ve know me, I’ve know hot cockteases that really enjoy keeping me this way!

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