Begging for Denial

begging for denial with Goddess Athena 800-601-6975

Goddess Athena 800-601-6975

Denial In All Forms

You know that denial is something I really get in to.  Denial in all it’s glorious forms.  So when you call me and come right out and beg me to deny you, that is the ultimate for me.

That tells me that you are into denial, like I am.  When it’s a mutual pleasure, it’s a lot more fun.  I hear that and grin.  My pulse races, and my muscles twitch with anticipation.  Begging for a denied orgasm just does something to me.

Begging for Denial

Recently I had  the pleasure of hearing “I want it to be as brutal as possible”.  I’m not making this up.  This guy was a glutton for serious denial.  To say that hearing that excited me is an understatement.  My nipples got hard and I felt myself grow quite damp between the legs.

Do you have thoughts like that?  Fantasies of having an orgasm denial FemDom work you into a highly excited state, keep you there, tease you unmercifully, and then brutally deny you?  Just a flat out “No”.

Admit You Want That

I understand that it can be hard to admit you want something like that.  If you have been denied before, then you know it is not easy to be obedient when you are that excited.

It can be downright painful.  I have heard men like you scream with frustration, yell curse words, whimper incoherently, and even cry.  Of course they beg.  But when I know you want denial, you will be denied.  End of story.  Nothing you say can get me to change my mind.

Now I’m Wondering About You

Do you have the courage to try denial?  Can your cock handle being shut down at the critical point?  If you have never tried this intense fetish, you need to call me and give it a go.  Erotic denial can really surprise you with the pleasure involved.

I assure you that it will be exciting, it will push your boundaries, it will test your mettle, and amuse me greatly.  This is one way that I separate the men from the boys.  Which one are you?


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