About Goddess Athena

The Azure Eyes of the Goddess are Upon You

A Little About Me

I am a California girl.  My hobbies include all sorts of ocean related fun such as swimming, surfing, boating, fishing and running.  I am also the type of Goddess who likes to learn, so I read…a lot.  I’m careful to eat a really healthy diet, preferring fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains.  Big surprise there!  You don’t get this body devouring sandwiches.  My favorite dessert is frozen yogurt.  Now that’s a southern Cali girl all over.  But you want to know more about Goddess Athena.

My Personal Stats

Your Goddess is tall, standing 5′ 10 1/2 inches in her bare feet.  I’m a curvy 38-25-38.  My hair is naturally blonde and my eyes are that mystical shade of aqua that change with the light…sometimes green…sometimes blue.  I really get into body conscious clothing.  After all, I work hard to keep my body in top shape.  Living at the beach, I wear sandals pretty much year ’round.  Everything from sports sandals to fuck me 5″ heels that lace up my legs.

My History in Domination

I have always been a bossy kind of girl.  When I was little I told the boys in my neighborhood how to play games and pretty much set the rules.  Things really haven’t changed much.  I am still bossy.  Only now I tell grown men when they may touch their cocks, how to do it, if they may have an orgasm, and when.  So much more fun than kickball!

My stable of slaves, and submissives has been active for years now.  I keep them busy with sessions, assignments, challenges and regular duties.  I enjoy doing the same thing here with my online/phone slaves and submissives.  I adore owning all types of slaves:  sex, sissies, maids, service, chastity, and pain.  So don’t be shy.  Tell the Goddess who you are and what you need.

My Style

I am an extremely sensual, sexual being.  That comes across in my interactions and certainly in my Domination.  I tend to be strict and a bit Princess-like, yet quite sensual at the same time.  I suppose it is something like finding out that you enjoy being dragged across stones as long as the person doing the dragging is hot and coaxing you along with sexy words.

Now you know a good bit about Goddess Athena.  Want to know more?  Call me.